The Verde Compact

In appreciation of the Verde River, its rare and beautiful habitats and the spectacular red rock environment that surrounds our communities and attracts millions of visitors each year, we commit to conducting our businesses with special attention to the following:

Conserving and Protecting Our Water Resources
As citizens of the Verde Valley, we have a responsibility to our neighbors and our future to do our part to preserve the Verde River watershed. We also recognize that our businesses depend upon sustaining a healthy natural environment, so highly valued by visitors. We therefore commit to continuously improving our water conservation efforts and the use of benign chemical products in our operations.

Reducing Wastes
We understand that generating wastes is a waste of resources and increases costs for our communities and our businesses. We therefore commit to reducing, reusing, recycling and composting wherever possible.

Being Energy Efficient
There is a nexus between energy use, air quality and water conservation. We know that using less energy and clean energy resources is better for our community, our environment and our businesses. We therefore commit to continuous improvement in energy efficiency and the use of green energy sources.

Supporting Our Community
Healthy, vibrant communities are wonderful places to live…and to visit. We therefore commit to engaging with our neighbors in ways that support our communities and the businesses that sustain them.

Educating Our Visitors
The Verde Valley is truly unique in Arizona and the Southwest. The geology, the history, the diversity, the cultures, the habitats and the communities make this region a critically important world destination that must be preserved. We therefore commit to offering our visitors information about the Verde Valley, its environments and communities. We will help them understand new ways to both enjoy and protect this special place for future generations.

Signing this compact commits our businesses and communities to continually improving our performance as stewards of the Verde River Valley and its habitats…for us, our visitors and our future.

Download The Verde Compact

The Verde Compact is a great first step towards greening your business, and there is more you can do to improve your performance. Visit our Green Checklist  to rate your business and learn ways to really go green.

Also, check out the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association Certified Green program. It’s a wonderful way to take your lodging business to the next level.

If you’d like help with the process of greening both your business and your bottom line, contact John Neville, the head of Sustainable Arizona, at He’ll be happy to help out.