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The Importance Of Supporting Ecotourism

by Eve Pearce As a visitor to the Verde Valley you may think that your influence and impact on the area is limited. The truth is that the decisions you make when booking your visit to the Verde Valley as well as the choices you make while here on your vacation have long lasting impacts. […]

Water Conservation – It Matters, Here’s Why

 by Cindy Jennings Search the web and you’ll find myriad ways to conserve water in your home. Articles, blogs and downloads are long on how and short on why it matters. It seems obvious. It IS obvious even if you only read the headlines about drought, fires and regional water scarcity. But the questions often […]

Enjoy The Beauty Without Leaving A Trace

by Eve Pearce As a result of the huge range of activities on offer in the beautiful Sedona Verde Valley region it attracts a diverse group of visitors. However, no matter what activity attracts an individual to the area you can be sure that part of the reason for their visit is to admire the […]

Ecotourism on the Rise Worldwide

by Laura Carroll of Ethical Traveler Tourism is the world’s largest industry, and it grows larger every year. In 2012, for the first time in history, international tourist arrivals surpassed one billion. In 2011, international tourism receipts exceeded $1 trillion. Hand in hand with this extraordinary development of global tourism is an unprecedented level of […]

Plastic Water Bottles Begone! says Travelers Against Plastic

Purchasing a plastic bottle of water or two while traveling may not seem like a huge deal on an individual level, but multiply that by the number of travelers crisscrossing the globe every day and the impact is massive. On a global scale, 2.7 million tons of plastic are used annually for water bottles. Of […]

Sharing The Knowledge Of Water Conservation by Eve Pearce

If you have ever stayed in a hotel then chances are you have seen a notice in the bathroom that asks you to conserve water by thinking twice before asking for your hotel towels to be washed if you are staying for more than one night. This was one of the first wide-spread initiatives in […]

The Blue River Declaration: An Ethic of the Earth

A truly adaptive civilization will align its ethics with the ways of the Earth. A civilization that ignores the deep constraints of its world will find itself in exactly the situation we face now, on the threshold of making the planet inhospitable to humankind and other species. The questions of our time are thus: What […]

Verde River Runoff Success

Just south of Sedona, below Camp Verde, where the Verde River takes a bend under the bridge, families and serious boaters from all over Arizona gathered with their kayaks, canoes or inflatables to join in the fun, and it was great fun – on a full and fast flowing river. Everyone got into the spirit […]

2013 Verde River Runoff Race

The 2013 Verde River Runoff is a ten-mile race on a beautiful desert river in Camp Verde, Arizona. Come experience the first river race of the season while enjoying the Verde Valley’s attractions and activities. Social activities, including live bands, vendor booths, and food, begin in Camp Verde after the race launches and continue throughout […]

5th Annual Spring Planting Festival – Growing Healthy Communities

“Growing Healthy Communities” is the theme of the 2013 Spring Planting Festival presented by Gardens for Humanity from March 16 through March 24. This will be a week when one can learn to plant a vegetable garden, cook with native foods, find out about the mysteries of bee society, learn to harvest and plant rainwater, […]